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49mm Espresso Tampers

Espresso is all about pressure. The tamper is the human side of the pressure equation.

If you are in the market for a 49mm espresso tamper, you've come to the right place. The only goals of this site are to connect you with the right tamper for your espresso machine and to advocate for 49mm portafilters. Sure, the commercial world has settled on the 58mm tamper, and we're totally fine with that, but 49mm tampers shouldn't have to be second class citizens! This site will identify and connect coffee lovers with the best 49mm tampers sold today.

Espresso Tampers Explained

An espresso tamper is a very simple object: it's a tool, usually made of plastic, metal, wood, or some combination of the three, that applies pressure to the ground coffee once it's placed in a the espresso machine's portafilter basket. A good tamper is sturdy, precise, ergonomic, consistent, and easily cleaned. It does not have to be expensive, stylized, spring-loaded or in any way fancy.

This video is an excellent introduction to espresso tampers:

Importantly, espresso tampers are categorized by their diameter because this determines which portafilter baskets they can be used with, which determines which portafilter can be used, which is determined by your espresso machine. The standard size for professional espresso machines in cafe and other professional environments is 58mm. Some home machines are 58mm, and some aren't. This site is dedicated to 49mm tampers, which are used on a select number of espresso machines, a number of which have built up cult followings over the years.

Espresso Machines That Use 49mm Tampers

Here is a list of well-known espresso machines that utilize 49mm tampers. It's not an exhaustive list, but we'll try to cover the big ones. The 49mm size is very popular with lever-action espresso machines in particular.

Best 49mm Tampers - Budget (under $30)

Best 49mm Tampers - Premium (Over $100)

Type Materials Price (USD) Available? Link
Reg Barber Wood, Brs, Cpr, SS, Al $80+ Yes Reg Barber
Kafatek Wood, SS $160 Limited Kafatek
Espro Al, SS $105 Yes Lowest Price

Best 49mm Tampers - Mid-range ($31-99)

Tamper Diameter Reference List

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Espro Calibrated Tamper Review

Orphan Espresso 49mm Tamper Review

If you are looking for an affordable 49mm tamper for your lever espresso machine and you don't want to break the bank, than look no further than the Orphan Espresso HLE IIT. This minimalist tamper comes in multiple handle shapes and colors, but all offer excellent value and superb accuracy. The tamper has a flat, stainless steel bottom. This tamper is the perfect example of a simple, effective design that gets the job done.

Tamper Qualities

When considering a tamper, here are the attributes to keep in mind:

Rok Espresso Maker Tamper

There has been some confusion about this online, but it's worth pointing out, for sure, that the Rok manual espresso press uses a 49mm portafilter basket and thus a 49mm tamper. The most exacting home baristas online have pointed out that the size is exactly 49.7mm, but this means any 49mm tamper will work with the Rok. Just make sure not to buy a 51mm or 50mm -- those will be too big for your basket!

Convex or flat tamper base?

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